In order to carry out all projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. [NOTE: REPLACE PHOTO ON RIGHT WITH ONE FROM A CLUB MEETING]

Name Chairs Description
Larsson, Kent
The Americanism Committee promotes pride in our country and supports our men and women in service.
Community Service
Yale, Melody
The Community Service Committee meets the needs of the community through involvement with IOP City events and hosting fundraisers.
Executive Board
Harrington, Barbara
Executive Board
Facilities - Event Maintenance The floors must be cleaned prior to and after each commercial rate rental. It takes roughly 3 man hours to accomplish, and is done several times each and every weekend. It takes one person 3 hours, 2 people 1.5 hours, and 3 people 1 hour to prepare the Club for a renter. Example of job with 3 workers A, B, & C. • A empties trash cans, puts trash cans on the bar, assembles the vacuum and starts with the mats, rolling them up and putting them on the bar as they are done, then starts on the floor, 2 boards per trip up and down the floor. • B assembles the Dirt Dragon floor cleaning machine, mixes the cleaning solution, and as soon as A has finished his first 2 rows he starts cleaning the floor 3 boards at a time up with the scrub function back with the vacuum pick up. • As soon as A finishes vacuuming the wood floors he grabs the hand powered floor scrubber and goes behind the machine picking up any liquid and polishing the floor. • In the meantime C has swept and mopped the kitchen and bath rooms, cleaning as appropriate, restocked all paper products, resupplied all trash can with liners, and addressed any outdoor and other clean up issues, including inspection and repair of the chairs. • The mats are then replaced, the trash cans returned, the lights turned out, the thermostat reset, the blinds adjusted, and the doors locked.
Matouchev, Dimi
Isle of Palms Community Corporation Board of Directors Consists of: Imm. Past Pres and IOPCC Chair Dimi Matouchev President, and IOPCC Board Barbara Harrington President Elect and IOPCC Board Christina Summer IOPCC Board at Large Jim Thompson IOPCC Board at Large Ray Batla IOPCC Treas Kathy Shook IOPCC Secretary Ginny Bell
Prevention of Child Abuse
D'Amico, Ralph
The Prevention of Child Abuse Committee coordinates community involvement with programs that focus on helping children and families.
Youth and Scholarships
Grantham, Elizabeth
The Youth and Scholarships committee focuses on raising funds and identifying youth with which to invest.