Why Join?


Helping Others

Exchange is a service club. Exchangites provide community service both locally and nationally.

This is the best reason for becoming a member: the chance to do something for someone else and

to know the fulfillment that comes from giving. Exchangites believe in Unity for Service.

Together, we can and do make a difference everyday.

Business Development

Everyone needs to network. Exchange consists of a cross section of the business community.

Its members come from all walks of life. Exchangites help each other and collectively help others.


Exchange provides a regular opportunity for fellowship with people who have similar interests –

people you will enjoy getting to know.


Membership in Exchange makes one a better community citizen. The average Exchange club

consists of the most active citizens of any community.

Leadership Development

Serving in an Exchange position is like a college education in leadership: learning

to motivate, influence, and lead successful people.


Exchange is a lot of fun. Each meeting is fun. The club projects are fun.

Social activities are fun. And, the service is fun.

Public Speaking Skills

Exchange develops confidence and skill in public communications  and the opportunity

to practice and perfect these skills.

National Network

Because there are Exchange clubs almost everywhere in America, many traveling Exchangites

needing a doctor, a lawyer, a hotel, or advice have found assistance through

an Exchange club member.

Social Skills

Exchange develops social skills and people skills. On every level – club, district and national

– Exchange has parties, activities, conferences, conventions and seminars

that provide entertainment in addition to information.

Nice People

Exchangites are, above all, the nicest, most caring people you’ll meet anywhere.

They are dedicated to helping one another, their community, and their country.